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@beckycas_   and  @_paulapastela

What is Kawaii Week?


KAWAII WEEK is a one week drawing challenge destined for people with a kawaii soul.

This challenge proposes a kawaii (aka cute) prompt to draw each day from the 1st to the 7th april.

You can use any media or style, and  you can interpret the prompts to your liking.


It doesn't matter if your style is not "kawaii", so don't worry about it., just don't forget to tag your work with #kawaiiweek to share it with the world!

Each day some of the works will be highlighted on our stories (@_beckycas/ @_paulapastela) and at the end of the challenge we will make a giveaway (of kawaii goodies) and chose RANDOMLY a winner from the hashtag.

The ultimate goal is to fill instagram with cute drawings for a week and to have fun!   

You can choose to post a picture to tell everyone that you're JOINING KAWAII WEEK! 

We cant wait to see your creations!!

Wanna use our Kawaii Week Logo?

If you are joining Kawaii Week and would like to use our Logo in your Illustrations, you only need to Download it directly here.

Dont forget to Tag us and use Hastag #kawaiiweek


The Prompts


Who is Hosting?


Becky Cas

I'm a freelance Illustrator based in Switzerland. I love pastel colors and cute stuff. I'm also a mum of 2 little girls and a Kawaii Soul :)  ♥️

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Paula Pastela

I'm a self taught artist, i love to paint in watercolor and digital, make silly comics and cute things. I live in a world of pastel colors ♥️

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