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Commissions - Terms of Service

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my work. By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms of service below. Please read this document carefully.

For all business and collaboration inquiries, please email:



⭐ Please be clear when explaining to me what kind of work you need.

⭐ Please provide accurate references, with images and descriptions. If you would like a similar look or feel from one of my previous works, please point out which ones.

⭐ Please respond quickly to emails. Any delays on email exchanges might cause a delay on deadlines.

Rights and Permissions

⭐ I ,the Artist , retain full rights of the Artworks, not the commissioner, unless otherwise explicitly agreed and fully paid for. An individual contract will be written for transferring the Rights of an Illustration. 

⭐ I retain full rights to all images produced and may use those in portfolios, social media, commission examples and any other form of self-promotion. However, I will not make any merchandise of them without the client’s permission.

⭐ All commissioned artwork discussed on this agreement is not for commercial use. An individual contract will be written for commissioned artwork intended for Commercial/Profit purposes.

⭐ The client cannot alter or modify the final artwork unless is for re-sizing and self-printing purposes.


⭐ Payments are done through PayPal to: beckycas.illustration@gmailcom

⭐ I will send you an Invoice via Email.

⭐ All commissions must be paid full up front before I start any work.


⭐ Corrections can be made at the Sketch stage.

⭐ There will be a maximum of 3 corrections total.

⭐ After the coloring stage, only small color changes will be made.

Asset Delivery

⭐ All Assets will be delivered via Email.

Sketches will be provided for approval after I have received the Payment.

⭐ The final Artworks will be delivered as .PNG, .JPG, OR .PDF Files in 500 dpi. Unless the client has other specifications.

⭐ I will not deliver the original .PSD files with the layers, unless the client has requested it and payed for it.

⭐ Artworks will be delivered only in digital format. But the client can print them for their private use only. Not for commercial purposes (View Rights and Permissions for more information)

⭐ Artworks will always have my signature on them unless they are intended for websites, apps, children’s books or other kind of editorial work.

Cancellations and Refunds

⭐ The client has the right to cancel the work at any time.

⭐ I reserve the right to terminate the work, if the client breaks their professional conduct.

⭐ A full refund can only be made if I haven’t started to work on the commission and if I haven’t sent any Sketches yet.

⭐ If I have started the work, I will refund an amount based on the time I have spent working on the commission.

More Information

⭐ I will not draw full elaborated backgrounds. Some details or decorations are acceptable.

⭐ I will not draw NSFW.

⭐ I will not accept discriminatory, hateful or violent themed content.

Thank you so much reading this. If you have any more questions, please let me know. I am looking forward to working with you.

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